Monday, 29 July 2013

The Sock Yarn Sweaters

Last year, whilst branching out into more luxury yarns, I bought two skeins of Araucania Lonco Multy with absolutely no idea what I was going to knit with them. They were reduced to clear and I couldn't resist myself. 
I hand wound one skein as it was knotty, which cause a few expletives to come out of my mouth. As I couldn't face the other skein, I cast on for a shawl with it, but ended up frogging it as I didn't like how it pooled.

I came across the Kaleidoscope pattern and knew it would be perfect, but it needed an accent, which had me frog a sock from the this-will-never-get-finished pile so I could use my  Knitting Goddess 4ply merino/nylon sock.

I extended the ribbing, omitted the waist shaping, worked my first garment with a provisional cast on for the sleeves! Hell, I even worked magic loop on the sleeves for the first time, go me!

I just love it. I love the colours, the shape, even the buttons (bamboo and not sewn on when I took the photos).

I loved knitting it so much that I decided I needed a tunic from the same pattern. I grabbed a ball of King Cole Zigzag from my stash in what I thought was a variegated colourway. Nope. Just a very thin self-stripe, but given that it would be on a project larger than socks I let it do it's thing. I had to buy a 2nd ball of it, but more on that later.
I cast on 10 stitches more than what I required using a provisional cast on, as I didn't know how I wanted the bottom to look. I knit for a while, gently decreased to the number of stitches that I required and knit for a while longer.
I worked out where the cast on would have been on what I'd knitted and placed a stitch marker so I could follow the pattern for the waist shaping.
I joined in the provisional cast ons for the sleeves, then I worked out the neckline I wanted. So some stitches went on a holder and I started the back and forth with the decreases for the shoulder shapings. I carried on decreases more than the pattern says so that it'd stay on my shoulders.
I grabbed my leftover yarn from my colour affection to knit the contrasting ribbing. I love the green against the pinks and yellow.
I had to join in the 2nd ball at the neckline, only I had checked before hand which way the pattern went, it started reversing, but given that that section was worked flat I didn't think that it would matter too much.

In other news, I knit and designed a shawl using a Crazy Zauberball, I call it "Monster Hugs" on my rav page, but now I've knitted it it's certainly more "Mike Goes To University" as in Monsters University. I also knit 4 hats and a pair of gloves last week, but they're Christmas presents and can't be shown.

And now I've been rummaging through my project box and have chosen a sweater and a pair of gloves to get finished, so [hopefully] they'll be shown soon.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hot hot hot

Hello peoples!

I don't know about you but I can't seem to finish anything lately, I just keep casting on! I think it must have something to do with this glorious weather we're having. I'm talking uncharacteristically hot.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, and oh boy I felt it. A walk that usually takes us 10 minutes from Ikea to home had us take a 10 minute pit-stop in the shade. So it's no real surprise that knitting hasn't been a top priority, although I have tried!.

I have 1.5 sleeves left to knit on a sock yarn cardigan, ribbing and cap sleeves on a sock yarn top. I had started the ribbing on a sweater that is the majority ribbing, but that's in DK and far too hot to work on right now. Socks are without partners, which I really ought to get off the needles so I can play with my Japanese stitch pattern book.

But my lovely husband hit me right in my weak spot, he bought me a Zauberball, not only that but a blue & green Crazy Zauberball that reminds me of Mike & Sulley from Monster's Inc and Monsters University (which we're going to see in an hour [yay]).

And, well, I've cast on a shawl with it, a little lace with garter and stockinette, so far I like it!

So, enjoy the uncharacteristically hot weather if you're in the United Kingdom, and I've heard of heat waves in other places! Remember to keep hydrated.

Until next time! xo