Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking ahead to the New Year

I have a few projects planned for the New Year, and I'm going to give myself a deadline for each one of the major ones.

First I shall the chunky hoody for Craig's birthday, which is at the start of February...I have 1 month in other words.

Then I shall have knitted the Dog jumper I have ready and planned for myself.

Once that has been completed I shall move onto a cabled jumper which has been chosen for my fiance's Christmas present. This sound's extreme but this pattern is knit on tiny needles, thus needs the majority of the Summer to complete.

In the meantime I shall be knitting smaller projects, like a wizard and the bee keeper's quilt.
I shall be giving a hexipuff count at the end of each new blog post.

I also intend on starting socks, given that I have ample supply of 4ply yarn now.

Current Hexipuff Count

Solid: 7
Striped: 15
Total: 22/384
Remaining: 362

Wish me luck.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Carrie Bradshaw's Jumper

A.K.A The Carrie Files #22

In conjunction with Owlie Sound.

This is such a fab jumper. I can't remember which episode it's from though, but I shall be re-watching the seasons soon! I need not tell you that I love knitwear, isn't it fab? The jumper Carrie is wearing appears to be a garter/reverse stocking stitch knit with a fab k2, p2 rib.

This is a similar jumper to a raglan I knit at the start of the year, probably don't need to tell you that Sarah Jessica Parker is a knitter either.

1. New Look £24.99

2. Matalan £18

3. Asos £30

4. Next £35

5. Topshop £42

1. I like the colours, the neck and the variated stripes but you'd really need a long sleeved top on underneath.

2. Nice natural tones stripes, in a nice chunky yarn by looks of it, what more could you ask for.

3. The effect of the yarn is wonderful, I love colour change yarns for this reason. It's ribbed throughout and really focuses on the one stripe on Carrie's jumper, hence it being included.

4. Be still my beating heart! How wonderful is this jumper? I think the blue really complements the rust tones and there isn't too much meaning it doesn't take over. The self striping yarn really works for this.

5. Trust Topshop to have a really similar jumper in colour, but it's not over the top colour and it works, I believe that these tones would suit anyone.

Jumpers and skinny jeans tucked into knee high boots is one great way to wear these jumpers, and given that knee high riding style boots are everywhere right now you really cant go wrong with this look.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas Stocking

I started this yesterday afternoon whilst watching It's a Wonderful Life with my mom. The pattern is from issue 1 of Knit Now magazine and it's a chunky/bulky weight yarn.

I knit this for my fiance, and I'm going to fill it with chocolate and he can have it at Christmas.

I am knitting other things and I'm really bad at this blog, so I'm sorry.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Knit Now Magazine

Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know about this new magazine.

Knit Now has hit shelves today, and what a fantastic first issue it is!

First off, let's look at the cover. It's full, but not crowded, nothing is fighting for your attention and it has a complementary colour scheme. The photographs are wonderful and clear, plus you can easily tell what they patterns are.

The magazine itself is wonderfully laid out. Nothing seems crammed in. After the 'info pages' we're treated to a Debbie Bliss interview straight away. Again these pages are wonderfully laid out, the writing is clear, the font is just the right size so that I don't have to put my glasses on. As it's black text on a white background it's wonderfully clear.

Onto the patterns now. I've established that the text is clear, but what about the charts? Well, they're as clear as a blue sky. Big enough to see, and the Key is clear too. I've gotten very confused in the past when this wasn't made clear. The patterns themselves are easy to follow and as simplistic as possible.

It's nice to see that they've estimated the time and cost of making the project. It gives knitters a chance to see if it's worth the cost, or looking for an alternative yarn. I can't say how many times I've nearly had a heart attack at the cost of the suggested yarns to make a product, for example: £160 for a man's jumper, are you kidding me?

I really enjoyed the Inspiration page, I felt that was a nice touch.

I've seen thing I adore on the Wish List double page too.

The hints and tips at the bottom of nearly every page are useful and not condescending, and showing you the basics clearly.

I'll talk about the freebies, you get a 4.5mm circular needle and a Beginner's Guide to Knitting booklet. The booklet is practically magazine sized and laid out wonderfully. I wish I'd had this when I started knitting as DPN's wouldn't have seemed so scary. There's patterns in it too, so you can try out your new methods. Actually, I think this is a good booklet for refreshing your memory too, I haven't used DPN's in a while and there's a great sock tutorial in there. The back page has a useful Abbreviations list, but also has a U.S translation for terms. It's beautifully designed too, the pages have a wonderful border pattern, which makes it seem purchase worthy in it's own right.

I can honestly say that I've never wanted to knit everything in a knitting magazine before. Non of the patterns seem frumpy or down right ridiculous.

Thank you Knit Now Magazine for a fab first issue!

Knit Now costs £4.99

Sunday, 16 October 2011



Just thought I'd do a quick update, so here it is.

I'm working on a Goblin doll for my brother, I may have mentioned this before, I took a photo of it at a basic stage, but we have progressed since it was taken. I kind of felt like a mad scientist when sewing his leg onto his body.
My brother asked for him, and he's given me a nice looking design, though there are no patterns for goblins on the net! I'm serious, I spent a good couple of hours looking. So I'm adapting a pattern and making in up, so I may have to publish it myself.
So, here is a very basic Spikey Norman.

Also, my Mom bought me these super cute stitch markers for when I'm knitting socks! I love them, look how cute they are.

I'm working on the Mrs Christmas doll pattern by Alan Dart from the latest issue of Simply Knitting. She's looking great! It was the first time I'd done hair on a doll, or used a cardboard base.
I only need to knit the plate, pudding, thumbs and feet then embroider her face and she's done. Though I am wondering if I should do the boots because I like her with the long skirt.

Still knitting the mother in law project, and I might just start a pair of socks over Christmas.

But I have a scarf, hoodie and jumper to knit.

The jumper is from the Dalesmen book from Rowan, really intricate cables. The hoody will be quick because it's a chunky yarn/needle combo (hopefully) and the scarf is braided.

Well that's all for now, speak soon!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Round up


We're in the run up to Christmas now,I've got my shopping out of the way so I can concentrate on my knitting. I have various projects lines up to finish and start!

Hell,Craig has shocked me by wanting something with intarsia and cables! I never thought I'd see the day. So hopefully this isn't a fad.

I have to knit a goblin for my brother, of all the things he'd want, he was going to get a Boba Fett phone case but now he has a different phone to me so at least it wont have to be a guesstimate project. Of this, I have at least knitted the head, so now I have to figure out the face.

Also, I've just read an interview with Jared Flood and thought "Oh, his designs are really cool." Then I was sorting through the patterns I've downloaded and amassed for a while, I discovered a Jared Flood pattern! I have a new yarn crush.

That's all I can think of right now. Ciao.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Catching Up

Oh it's been a while hasn't it? Again.....

So, what have I been up to?

  • I've knitted, blocked and sold a 'Rikku' scarf. (I don't actually know who that is, apart from being a videgame character.)
  • Finished the boyfriend jumper. (Which has turned out massive somehow.
  • Started working on the back piece for my purple cardigan.
  • Bought black aran yarn, hand dyed sock yarn (in colours that look like the Hungry hungry catepillar) and some really fun colourful stripey yarn because it was cheap and I liked it.
I'm loving the colours of the knitwear for this winter, already bought a gorgeous teal cabled jumper from Primark.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Given the long time in me not posting my projects on here, I am still knitting, and I've finished a big, a few medium and a few small projects.
So, here they are:

Nevada Hat

It's called the Nevada hat because that's the 'shade' of yarn it's knitted in. I used Sirdar Indie and a hat pattern that came with the yarn. I also knitted a huge jumper for myself (for those really cold days that'll be approaching) that is miles too big and the sleeves are really long, nice and warm though. The colour combinations are beautiful too, just look at that blue.

Cables and lace hat

This pattern came from an issue of Simply Knitting and is super nice to wear. The yarn is Robin Aran, i don't know the shade my nan gave it to me.

Pink Lace Scarf

This is going with something for my nan's Christmas present, as she expressed interest in it whilst I was knitting it. I cannot remember the yarn's name but (if I remember right) it's a Tivoli yarn, most likely one that is discontinued. I got the pattern for it from the back of a Simply Knitting issue, their 'Stitch Library' it was very nice to do and the yarn comes out beautifully. I knit it on 4.5mm needles.

Military Lace Scarf

This is going to be another Christmas present, and another scarf created from the Stitch Library section of Simply Knitting magazine. It's knitted in a Robin yarn, but I've forgottent he exact colour, but it is DK. It's a lovely shade of green.

So, now you're updated and I can ponder what to post next.

Until next time!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Monday, 6 June 2011

Round Up #2

Seeing as I've just got back from my holiday, (wonderful, thank you for asking) I thought I'd give an update to my knitting.
I didn't take any knitting with me but I did buy some lovely stylecraft 4ply whilst I was down there, booyah!

On the Needles

  • A pair of socks I'm designing myself, they're green & pink stripes, and so far they look wonderful. I'm experimenting with these as they're my first colour work sock, but also a different slip stitch pattern on the heel flap.
  • The Purple Cardigan, only the back piece to knit now.
  • Husband jumper, he changed his mind, I'm doing a different pattern now.
  • Star blanket, this is onle way to use up my DK oddments
  • Chell, I've become Portal obsessed and I'm knitting a doll of the protagonist.

So for now that's all, I think I'll write up the pattern for the sock once they're completed.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Knitting and Harry Potter

I sometimes wonder where my love of knitting came from, but then I sat and I thought a while, and glanced down at my first tattoo: The Deathly Hallows symbol. It became abundantly clear. Of course I love knitting, the world of Harry Potter (which I practically grew up in) if bursting at the seams with knitting yummy-ness.

Very early into Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer if you're an American) you're introduced to Hagrid, who sits on the London Underground knitting something 'tent sized', what ever this knitted object became was never revealed, but there it is, knitting in the first 100 pages, granted the book is only 127 pages. Though Hagrid isn't the only character who has an affinity for knitting. It's established very early that the Weasley's are a poor family, and Mrs. Weasley knits her boys and Ginny a jumper every year. I sometimes wonder if they're monogrammed each time, also knitting for seven children must be no mean feat, at least she can use magic!

Eventually Hermione begins to kit for S.P.E.W and we learn that Dumbledore enjoys reading knitting patterns, and with that I presume that he knits himself, as he did wish for thick wooly socks once.

“No, I was merely reading the Muggle magazines,” said Dumbledore. “I do love knitting patterns…”

Though rarely seen knitting is even mentioned in the movies. Harry gets his Weasley jumper at Christmas, I noticed Luna wears a rather sweet crochet shrug in OotP. Fred & George tell people to "get back to your knitting." in GoF, which is a nice nod to Hermione's absent S.P.E.W knitting in the film.

And just think, how Harry Potter has inspired knitters. We knit the hats that are worn in the film, we choose our house colours. I've seen knitting patterns for Pygmy Puffs! That's how much fun knitting is.

I love knitting and I love the Harry Potter books, they go hand in hand. I'm also very sure that i wont be the only person to go to the cinema with something they've knitted which is Harry Potter related.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

He Knows It.

This is going to be a 'column piece' that I'm starting to do from now on.

My fiance and I are passionate about our hobbies, though we don't have the same one. I may have mentioned it before, but he's a guitarist and plays in a band. He's been playing for longer than I've been a knitter, but we have the same level of passion for it. Due to this we often show each other videos, photos, things we would love to buy to do with this, it turns out we've learned each others hobbies without actually doing them.

When I met Craig I knew the basics of guitars (strings, knobbly bits that change the sound and you plug it into an amplifier) and pretty much from the start he's been teaching me, the first thing was the different parts of an amp, head cab thingy etc. It's been four years and thingy still applies to most parts. I now know of the differnt parts of a guitar, the different brands, how different strings effect the sound, the effects pedals, how an amp could change the sound of a guitar, all these things, yet it only occured to me yesterday, as I was knitting a teddy bear head, I held it up and asked him;
"what stitch is this?"

He stopped strumming his guitar, turns around and said;

"Erm, garter?"

In that moment I realised that he's learnt the terms, he knows the stitches, and can identify a DK when I'm looking for one in a specific colour. I guess that he's learnt when I've dragged him around the yarn shops, like I did when he dragged me around the guitar ones.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Knitting and a Period Drama

Can I just say (and it's my blog so I can) that issue 80 of Simply Knitting magazine is bloody fantastic! I've already knit a hat from it, cast on for a cardigan for myself and my fiance's Chritmas present, another jumper! I intend to knit the bolero and the scarf!

Below are two pictures of my WIPs

Friday, 15 April 2011

Hey guys!

Quick update.

I'm working on a few projects atm. Hand warmers, jumper, spring project for dA group etc.
I really need to sort out my ravelry page and to finish my mom's birthday present.

For now, it may be quiet, but it's something.

Peace, love and all that jazz.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


This week I finished knitting my first pair of cabled socks! It was a rather speedy pattern and knitted up wonderfully, barely dented my 400g ball of yarn though. I shall mostlikely model those in the week.

I'm looking forward to knitting for a group competition on, flower themed, I'll have to whip something up.

I have started knitting my fiance's next jumper, another Christmas present. I had forgotten how long it takes to knit up. Seriously, Craig, next year, BIG NEEDLES!

Talking of which, I still haven't photographed the jumper I knitted in under 2 days! That was fun, my first raglan. It's knitted in Sirdar Indie Nevada, and I shall definately be wearing it this winter, It's rather warm. I also knitted a hat in my left overs, but I still have one and a half ball left!

Also, does anybody know of any pompom yarn instructional videos, because I just can't seem to get it right!

I am thinking of making some videos, to show you guys my makes etc. also to do some instructional videos, perhaps some Q&A?

My Cabled Bag

My first knitted bag! It was also my first cabled pattern. I am rather proud of it. It's a rather nice repetative pattern, so good for a first timer, I guess. Also the yarn is so scrumptious, one section really reminds me of belgian chocolate! I really do love self patterning yarn. This is a discontinued yarn (story of my k life!)
I knitted the strap seperate and sewed it to create the sides of the bag. The whole bag is lined, in a yummy olive lining silk, though the strap was lined with a co-ordinating length of wide ribbon. It has a loop fastening around a beautiful ceramic button.

I am very proud of this bag.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Owl Cushion

I have this thing for owls, I'm quite obsessed with them really. So when I got an issue of Lets Knit that had an owl cushion cover pattern I soon bought the yarn. It's knitted quite cheaply actually, I used Robin and I think it's come out really well! The eyes are buttons I got from Dunelm Mill, just because I liked the look of them. They're a beautiful dark green, with a raised leaf pattern on them!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Despicable Me

Aha! Bought the movie on Thursday and I haven't stopped watching it yet, it's brilliant! The comedy is amazing, and I adore those minions! I've already discovered a knitting pattern for one on Ravelry which shall be knitted, this week I guess. Though how many people noticed the wonderful knitted textures used?

Seriously, Gru's scarf, Edith's hat and jumper, all look wonderful, and I'm very tempted to try them out.

I also found a cute vintage style cabled tshirt pattern in the latest issue of KnitToday. That said I did buy a fantastic vintage knitting book on ebay, my guess is it's from the 40's seeing as it talks about spending coupons, definately the make-do-and-mend era. It's a shame that the book got so neglected though, as my guess it's been in a garage or attic, but for 99p you can't really grumble. I really think that women of that era looked so glamorous.

  • I have to finish the cabled bag I finished knitting before Christmas, it needs lining, I'm going to buy some nice ribbon to sew along the handle/strap of the bag.
  • Finish knitting the owl cushion, just the back to do.
It's time to start thinking about Fiance's Christmas sweater (must complete sooner!) so far I'm thinking a baseball top like sweater, I do think that would be fun, as he loves his baseball tops, but they arent exactly the warmest things around, especially if we have another Christmas like the last one! It don't want to continuously knit him stripey sweaters, and the bugger wont wear any intarsia or cables. Perhaps I should draw some up! I knitted his last sweater in Stylecraft DK, so I think I'll use it again as it's a very nice yarn.

And as I want to diminish my stash I think I'll knit some mittens, funky patterned mittens!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Update - February 2011

Oh dear lord I've barely knitted.
Not knitting is something I detest, and I realise the only reason that I'm having so many stressful days lately is because I haven't been able to knit! Uni work is getting in the way!

Ok, I haven't posted since before Christmas last year, which is a sin! So, Christmas was a pretty big deal for me last year, I mean it was the most fun I'd had in ages! Best Christmas ever! It was a big family Christmas with some big news. On Christmas Eve, whilst I was ordering pizza online, the Boyfriend thought it'd be the right time to get down on one knee and pop the question, of course I said yes! I knit him a jumper, he proposes, both expressions of love, of course. That would've been the best present ever, but he'd bought me a fair few knitty things! I love my Fiance!

Our photo on Christmas Day, he's in the jumper I knit him.

Actually, I got a fair few knitty things for Christmas, loads of buttons! Damn, I love buttons!

Fast forward a month!
Tbh not alot happened in January, I was ill, and then developed some neck problems, I knitted a jumper in 2 days (Sirdar Indie in Nevada, with 15mm needles) the sleeves are a little too long but ah well. I knitted a beret in my leftover Indie.

I've started knitting an owl cushion, I need to sew up the cabled bag I knitted before Christmas, and I've started knitting a teenie cabled jumper. I think it's fair to say I love cables.

Went to see Russell Howard at the NIA the other Friday, that was hysterical. Valentine's was a fun weekend, Fiance got me a teddy bear dressed up as one of my favourite wrestlers, Wade Barrett, so we named him Wade Bearrett (see what we did there?)

Seeing as I'll be doing a bit of sewing here and there, I think I'll add those to this blog too, perhaps the odd recipe, I made Fiance's birthday cake and it was rather delicious I must say.

I'm starting a fitness regime, some weights and cardio, you know the fun stuff, this may lead to some ametuer wrestling, but I'm not 100% sure about the latter.