Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Trio

I got the patterns for the snowman and reindeer from "Christmas Gifts and Decorations" that came free with KnitToday magazine. But I created the Santa using the base pattern of the snowman/reindeer but altered it enough for mister Claus!
I knit his nose in the same way, but on a smaller scale. I also crocheted his beard, in a novice like fashion.

These guys are all knitted from my odd balls of yarn. The reindeer is actually a very dark brown with felt antlers and eyes.
The snowman is knitted in 3 different types of white yarn! his head/body is a yarn spun with a shimmery thread through it, his hat trim is a fluffy yarn, bit like sidar snowflake, but a smaller brand, and his scarf is a simple DK.

The reindeer's scarf was knit in the round whereas the snowman's was knit flat in garter stitch.

Check them out seperately on my deviantart account: Snowman Reindeer Santa

Boyfriend Jumper

Isn't he gorgeous?

I finally finished it, I just forgot to post it!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Yarn Catasrophy!

I hadn't realised a few of my balls had escaped the yarn basket, now there's a lovely knot to untangle. 3 different shades of green & a brown *sigh*

In other news, over the weekend I've been knitting up a snuggle blan, my own pattern, with a gorgeous yarn called Cloud by Tivoli. It's being knitted up on 15mm bamboo needles.

My boyfriend and nephew already love it and have been sneakily covering themselves in it as it's being knitted. (kudo's to my mom's craftyness at upholstering that chair, well also decorating for cheap but making it look expensive).

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Little Christmas Pud

I knit this for my mom. She's been ill and has barely left the house in months, because it's nearly Christmas she's sad that she wont be able to look at all the decorations in the stores, which is something we usually do together.
So, being the brilliant and caring daughter that I am, I made her this. It's nice to see her smile.

If I can remember how I did it I'll edit this post with a pattern.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Updates - Oct 2010

So the hubby's jumper is finally done! Just sewing up and weaving in then the collar! Huzzah!
Also I've been commisioned to knit a Slytherin scarf, that's in progress right now.

A little heads up for UK knitters. That lovely shop, The Works, generally have some great knitting books at really low prices, I've picked a good few up, it's luck of the draw though and they change from week to week, so it's worth a browse if you can't afford all the lovely ones in Waterstones.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping!

My knitting is being interrupted by uni (boo, silly games design!), one lunch I felt the need to head to the yarn shop in Wolverhampton, and as we'd been to lunch, my uni mate, Joe, came with me. He remarked " This is like the graveyard of sheep, all this wool", but the awfully quick witted lady who worked there said "Most of these balls have never seen a sheep". Joe got a very confused look on his face, so I explained that most of the yarn was acrylic, plastic. He was rather shocked but it didn't stop him pinching the yarn I'd bought later on and snuggling up to a ball of Sidar Snowflake Chunky!

Friday, 24 September 2010

As time flies

It was my birthday on the 13th September, the big 2-0, I'm no longer a teenager!
My lovely Craig bought me a knitting book with gorgeous patterns for pets! I will definately be trying some of these out.

I'm back at uni now, so my knitting time has been cut short. Though I shall probably take it with me anyway. I also have had less knitting time in the last couple of weeks as I got addicted to Charlaine Harris's books (True Blood and the 'Grave' books) I read them one after another, they're just so good.

Also I finally got to see season6 of LOST! That chapter of my life is now complete I guess, but my dearest Craig hasn't seen them, so starting this weekend we'll be starting from the beginning, as I knit to the sounds of the Island.

I'm very excited, now the Deathly Hallows pt1 trailer is out, I really can't wait to see it!

I think that's all for now, so peace out and keep your needles clicking!

Lauren's Hat

A little hat I've knitted for my cousin's baby girl (and my goddaughter) for Christmas.
As modelled by my mom's doll.

The pattern is from Let's Get Crafting Issue 20 Baby Knits. It's only taken a few hours.

The yarn is lovely, a pink self striping Panache DK shade 483

Didn't use up as much to make as I thought it would.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Leonardo TMNT

I knitted him for my lovely boyfriend who has idolised Leo since he was just a little child (awww)


I changed the shell pattern as I wasn't too keen on the tiny shell.

Craig loves it.

A little birdie

A wee lil birdie!

Stash buster and I got the pattern here:

I'll probably be doing most of these patterns in the near future.

As soon as I knit this bird, literally sewing on it's tail, my nephew pinched it from me. So a crappy photo, I aplogise.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hat Dilemma

Here's the situation.... My adorable nephew, Brandon, wants me to knit him a hat. I know that ear flap hats suit him (as he wore my Snitch hat as soon as I made it, cheeky bugger). I also think that a nice Norwegian style would work best.

I've been searching for patterns for inspiration, I want to knit him something personal and fun, but also something that wont embarrass the almost-12-year-old that he is.

Any help or advice on knitting charts etc would be great.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Yarn Files

I read letsKnit magazine, and unlike other magazines I find it fresh and young, with giggles thrown in. They have a section called the yarn files, so I thought I'd give it ago. Illustration by my dear boyfriend.

Name: Laura
Ravelry alias: perdi1309
WIP: A pair of socks.
UFO: A jumper for my boyfriend for xmas
FYS: Allsorts in Wednesbury, Wulfrun Wools and Crafts is Wolverhampton & ebay.
Favourite book: Currently 'Charmed Knits' by Allison Hansel or printed off patterns
Knitting heaven: Comfy chair whilst my bf is playing one of his games
Knitting hell: Having to undo over 20 rows because you forgot to shape armholes
Knitting hero: My mom (who taught me to knit) and my friend Gill (who taught me to purl)
Knitting ambition: To get this jumper done by Christmas
Least likely to knit: Something to be felted
Fantasy stash: My own little textile studio, where I can knit to my hearts content.
Knitting motto: (stolen from some witty so-n-so on cafepress) "Instant knitter, just add coffee"

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gift Bags

As I made the hedgehog and daisy key chain as gifts, I wanted to put them in something, so I knit up these bags this afternoon. They're simple increase/decrease and yo. The main bag is made with Robin yarn, the ties are just Wendy Frizzante. I like how the pink clashes with the green. See? My year at art school wasn't for nothing!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Weekend Tales

Well I've just finished a short scarf. I'm calling it my Luna scarf, it has a pretty 'lace' pattern and I rather like it. I'll talk about it more once I have a photo for it.

Over the weekend I discovered a little yarn shop in Wolverhampton that I never knew existed. So naturally I entered....and bought. I got a nice pack of stoney coloured yarn (500g) for little over £5, I was very impressed. Then I splurged the same amount on one ball of beautiful yarn, as I'm a sucker for self striping. This is a wonderful little yarn shop and I realise where I'll be spending my time after uni is done for the day! Such a lovely selection of yarns, I'm going to have to sample bamboo yarn.

But finding this yarn shop does not mean I wont be purchasing at Allsorts in Wednesbury. That's my local store, that I can pop in at the weekend and just instantly find the perfect finishing touches to a project.

There's also a yarn store in Birmingham's indoor Market, the only negative to this one is that you can smell the fresh fish and meat and it does rather put me off.
I've given up on Helen's Haberdashery in Walsall, it just never seems to be open when I'm in town.

Today though I've done a little shopping, get some fresh jeans and a pair of boots to start my second year of uni! And also the fact that I turn 20 next month. So I had a mooch at what will be fashionable this winter, and WIN because I saw alot of knitted accessories! Berets seem a popular option this winter, and chunky socks. I have a feeling my socks and beret will match. Also Bohemian is the trend this Autumn, so knitting is perfectly incorporated!

Also planning a break with my boyfriend sometime soon, just to the coast, so if it's Autumn, we're going to need knitted things!

Operation Tiny Teddy

This little guy was a boredom buster, and I love it! It's on a gig ticket for size comparisson. Really small!
Here's the pattern:

I'm going to make some more & maybe some bunnies. They're so cute.

Daisy Chain


I wanted to make a present for a friend I haven't seen in a while, so I thought this would be cute, personal and practical!
She has a Spring birthday, when I think of Spring I think of daiseys.

A Hog Time

So I whipped up this little cutie in about an hour. It's about the size of my hand, though perhaps abit longer than yours, as I have freakishly long fingers.
Here's the pattern:

I'm going to give this to a friend, who is hog crazy and has 2 as pets.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mini Gryffindor Socks

These are cute, they're going on my Christmas tree. I got the patterns from here:

I may have tweaked them in the odd place. I think the lion doesn't look too bad, certainly could be better but I've never attempted to do it on 3needles before. I also prefer to work from the bottom of the chart up, but the pattern called for it top down.

Monday, 2 August 2010

My new favourite haberdashery shop
I was flicking through one of my knitting magazines for inspiration, and I saw a photo of the most beautiful buttons, where crafting is concerned I have a slight button fetish. So I looked up the website, and I have seemingly fell in love with the store.

Beautiful buttons, fabrics, wools. Everything to make the perfect finishing touches to a piece.
I know where some of my money shall be going.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Mini Snitch

I haven't bothered editing this picture due to the fact by now you should know that I've knitted it.
Well the pattern is the same as the Cherry Brooch I posted previously, the only change I made was I shortened the i-cord to 3 times, and those are the wing tips. I can't remember the name of this yarn, but it is beautiful! The white yarn is just simply an acrylic, Robins I think.

Nice quick knit at any rate, and the loop is there so it can go on my Christmas tree!

Learning to Crochet

Well, I've started to learn to crochet, and this is the fruits of my self education. Well I say self, more like Simply Knitting magazine! It's 9inches wide.
In fairness I don't think I've done too bad.

I still prefer knitting, but I've seen patterns that call for crochet to finish off, so I guess it's a skill worth having! A good way to use up yarn too.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Jumper WIP

I'm so near to completing this now!
I thought I'd share this with you, it's the jumper I'm knitting as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. That photo is actually of one of the sleeves, but I've finished those, I'm working on the front piece right now.
I got the pattern from the June 2010 issue of Simply Knitting magazine, and changed the stripe pattern to cater to Craig's taste. He chose the colours too, but I picked the yarn, it's Stylecraft shades: 2302-olive & 2318 mixtures bracken, they work so beautifully together.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I Heart Winter

I've just been having a discussion with a friend of mine, he lives in Australia and it's winter over there and he doesn't like it at all, but I love it!

Even my taxi driver commented on how the nights are drawing in, and I can't help but feel glad. Summer's great, and seemingly everyone elses favourite season, but I'm definately a winter bunny. I guess winter is the best time of year for a knitter to feel the benefit of their hard, but enjoyable work. Though I've adored winter for years before I picked up needles.

Most people will know that here in the U.K we've had an amazing and uncommon amount of sunshine and heat this summer, an I have made the most of it, as long as I was heavily covered in factor 50, plus I'd spent too much money on new clothes, so I've had to wear them. A picnic in a park (sunscreen and sat under a tree), a day trip to Dudley Zoo & Castle, shopping trips, walking around, BBQ's (I've never eaten to much BBQ in my life in such a short space of time), but all of this, even just running errands, has left me tanned, which I cannot stand, I'd rather go for the 'pale and interesting look', though I'm happily not as dark as so many people that I know.

This all adds up to how much I love winter! There's no accidental tanning, there's no unstoppable sweating and I can snuggle up to my cuddly boyfriend without fear of over heating. Believe me, there's nothing worse than not being able to cuddle. There's the added bonus of layering, practical accessories, and knit wear to die for! Cute cabled hats and mittens with sequined snowflake motifs. Then there's snow. I love snow, I never get tired of it, not even earlier last year when we had it for weeks. Every time I stepped outside I got the childish glee of finding a crunchy part no-one else has stepped on. I even built a snowman with my boyfriend. I love the colours of the winter pallet. But, of course, winter means Christmas, which means decorating the tree, and that is my favourite part. Glittering baubles and twinkling lights, wrapped in a duvet watching a Christmas film (I have several on DVD) and drinking hot chocolate.

Nothing beats winter.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

CSI Socks

I bought a pattern 'Slip Step Socks' by Eleanor Doyle and adapted it for my own design! Rather risky I think, as it was my first pair of socks, but they've come out well! The only thing I kept from the initial pattern was the heel flap, as I liked that effect.

I adore this wool, it's Tivoli Drift DK shade 247. I've just found out it's discontinued too, booo hiss! It's 4 beautiful shades of green that just work together. On the first foot it came out stripey, but the 2nd sock became a splodge!

The reason they're called C.S.I socks, despite my obsession with the show, is that when I started these socks, I was playing C.S.I Hard Evidence.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Golden Snitch Hat

Yay! This is my first hat! I got the pattern from here:

It's easy enough. I made a couple of alterations, like using 5mm DPN's for the ear flaps, and added tassles (I love tassles!) I can't wait for winter so I can wear this.

This was the first time I've picked up stitches, so it's all educational.

Gryffindor Scarf Bookmark

Yay for this, my first knitting in the round project! Only little but ah well, and it's the first time I've ever tassled anything! As a bookmark it works best with paperbacks. I've started collecting alternate cover art for the Harry Potter books, this Chamber of Secrets is one of them. The pattern is from Charmed Knits, but in all honesty, it is a really simple pattern.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

July Update!

Hello all.

I'm currently working on a few projects right now, and I've planned a fair few more.

In Progress
  • Stripey Jumper - This is a Christmas present for my boyfriend, designed to suit his tastes.
  • Golden Snitch Hat - A pattern I found here: Because I am a Harry Potter Nerd.
  • Gryffindor bag - a contest entry on for a knitting group I'm part of.
  • Learning to crochet - I can do the foundation chain.....
  • Ebay store - Once I have enough designs I shall start selling.
  • A TARDIS plushie.
  • Dolls - Perhaps a Dumbledore one.
  • Bellossom doll - gotta love those Pokemon.
  • Nauticle jumper dress - because it looks cosy.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cherry Brooch

I've knitted this today, I think it's rather cute.
I've learnt i-cord and a different decreasing method today, I'm rather proud.
Pattern :

The Little TARDIS

I thought I'd attempt making a TARDIS from Doctor Who. I intend to make a 4 sided one at some point. Btw this one does have the light at the top, it's just the flash didn't seem to want to show it.
I think I got the perfect blue for it though.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Gryffindor Bag WIP

Here's something I'm working on right now. It's a Gryffindor fair isle bag. Right now I'm working on the strap. I got the pattern for it here:
Plus that book in the background, Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel, is such a good project book for Harry Potter fans!

The reason I'm knitting this is I'm a Harry Potter nerd. I have been since the books first came out. I'm intending to use this bag when I got to see Deathly Hallows.


I thought I'd share this with you. This is my first attempt at knitting with DPN's, I do feel rather proud!

Left 4 Dead Health Pack

My boyfriend loves the Left 4 Dead games, so do I but I watch him play them. He seemed to be having a bad day, so I designed this and knitted it for him.
It's brightened his day, I'm going to add a key chain hoop to it and give it to him on Friday.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


My Persian!
I love this pokemon, it's so elegant.
I used this pattern, but I made my own additions:
Aren't it's curly whiskers so cute?


Yay for Pokemon! Here's my pokeball, I knitted it using the ball pattern for the Golden Snitch! (see that post for pattern link)


My first pattern made completely by myself. I dont like it's mouth though.

The Golden Snitch

Because I'm such a Harry Potter nerd. I got the pattern here:
I love playing Seeker with it :D

Invincibility Star

This was the first pattern I created myself. I think it's rather cute. It's made in 10 pieces and sewn together, rather easy really.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Mijumaru Plushie and Pattern

Little Mijumaru! I made him yesterday, I had to work on my own pattern, that's difficult when it's so hot!
Anyway, I love Mijumaru, I intend to start with him when I get Pokemon black/white :)

As I've already given this pattern out to a lovely chap, I thought I'd share it with you, I'll be trying to upload it to my deviantart account, but if that fails then I'll email to you.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Chocolate Bear

This is made with the same pattern as the Skittle bear I posted previously. He looks a little funny, it's his eyes, they're too wide apart, and his nose is too far down.

But he's my bear and I love him all the same. I bought that ribbon especially for his neck.

Gryffindor Coin Purse

Now we're talking old. A few years ago my mom knitted me a Gryffindor Scarf, from Harry Potter, as I was new to knitting, I made thise with the left over yarn, as you can see, my Monster Book of Monsters necklace is kept safe in there, where it wont bite me.

Hand Warmers

I knitted these last week, using this pattern:

They're quick and easy, plus they keep your hands nice and cosy. Tried and tested, it rained on Friday and my hands would've frozen if it wasn't for these little beauties. So much for summery weather!


I created this pattern, my boyfriend loves the character of Domo, so I surprised him with a knitted one. It took a couple of hours to knit, and about 20mins to sew him, stuff him and give him a face. The eyes are buttons and the mouth is felt.

Little Owlie

This is a scrap yarn little fella, completely tiny! I found the tutorial for him here:

I made him rather quickly, and those buttons look enourmous, but they really aren't.

Deathly Hallows Wrist Band

I know I meant to upload these sooner, but something came up. This is a Deathly Hallows Sweat Band I made for myself. I'm such a Harry Potter fan, I have this symbol tattoo'd on my arm, it was my first tattoo when I turned 18. Initially this was chart practice, but I expanded the band to fit my wrist.
Actually this is my 2nd attempt at doing this as a wrist band, my first attempt was too big due to needle sized, so I used smaller needles and this fits perfectly.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Tomorrow I'll be re-shooting my other projects, so I'll be uploading them then.

Fair Isle Phone Cosy

I didn't have a cosy for my mobile phone, so today I decided to knit myself one. Seeing as my phone is of the touch screen persuasion, I chose to try a fair isle pattern I'd previously designed. It looks rather Christmassy I know, but it fits my phone (LG Cookie) perfectly.
I even added ribbing to the top. I really like this design, and how thick it is.

Skittle the Bear

This is the first bear I knitted following a pattern. I made it a couple of summers ago, being a knitting n00b back then I sewed the pieces together using cotton instead of wool. I've decided to post this old picture as I recently un-picked the cotton stitches and be restitching him properly, plus I'm going to give him new stuffing.

I got the pattern as a Christmas present, it's the Baby Popcorn the Bear knitting set.

Pokemon Squares

I did these a while ago, they were my first attempts at pattern squares, they're Eevee & Mew from Pokemon. I know I need to use yarn of the same thickness to make them perfect, but they were practice and I am rather pleased with how they turned out. The later designs I did worked better, as you will see once I've posted them.

I'm not sure what to do with them, as I intend to gradually create a patchwork blanket, but I'm not sure if it should be Pokemon specific of Nintendo or game culture in general.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies Book Revie

ISBN 978-1-84448-424-9

Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards & Fairies
by Annette Hefford is a book I will highly recommend for knitters of any skill level, but it's great for those newer knitters who haven't quite mastered the whole knitting in the round side of things, and it's much more fun than learning to follow a pattern for a blanket, unless, of course, that is the kind of knitting you are aiming for. A great bonus is that this book is cheap enough, RRP for the UK is £12.99, for the subject matter.

The dolls themselves are wonderful creations, a few of them resembling much loved characters of modern cinema and stage. They have sweet little faces, and detailed ways in how to alter the doll's appearance. The base doll is you are told how to create is perfect, with four fingers and a thumb on each hand.

The book has beautifully clear photographs of the finished doll's in senario's, studio shots and of course the all important step by step guides.

Hefford even shows you how you can alter the designs to give a fairy a different style or turn an old wizard (who strikingly resembles a certain Hogwarts Headmaster) into Santa Claus himself. The costume's she has designed for each doll are remarkable. Each outfit is two layers minimum, even giving instructions on how to knit a witch's broom and a pirate's sword!

After reading through this book, I have to say I am most taken by Samuel Crowe Pirate, who is just Johnny Depp in wool. The name change is a given but there's no denying who this loveable rogue is.

Each knitting pattern is a masterpiece in itself and has such an attention to detail, it even gives you artistic freedom.

A highly reccommended book.

Where's Your Heart?

I knitted this last night whilst my boyfriend was watching the England match in the world cup downstairs. When he came back upstairs I presented him with it and he loved it! It was such a quick knit, and a simple one.

I got the pattern from here:

Chibi Slimer

This was the idea of a Uni mate of mine, he said I should try making Slimer, so I made a chibi one. This one is my own design, I might post the pattern if I get requested it. I know he looks rather like a pear, but he's still cute, he gets my nephew's seal of approval anyway!

Knitzor the Kitty

I knitted this last night/today, I named her Knitzor, so she'll be the my mascot whilst writing this blog. I might make her a photo journal or something of the like, but that's a 'might'. I wanted to knit a cat incase my sister-in-law writes a childrens story, as I said I would make one to go along with it.

I used this pattern:

I will be re shooting my older plushies so I can upload them here.

Hello All

I've created this blog for knitters. No longer just for grannies.

When I knit, I prefer to knit on 2needles only at the moment as I'm not used to circular or DPN's yet. At the moment I'm knitting a jumper for my boyfriend's Christmas present, but I find myself doing mini projects in the mean time.

Now about me, currently I'm at university studying Computer Game Design, and I've just passed my first year. I've always been intrigued by games, I'm just not a massive gamer, unless it's Pokemon, then I'm hooked at the beginning.

I have a gorgeous boyfriend, he's in a band, he also is a gamer, though more full on than I am! He currently works as a games tester.

When I knit, it's generally something cute, or from geek culture, unless I feel adventurous, then I may find myself knitting an article of clothing.

You can find me at where I generally post any artwork I create.