Sunday, 27 February 2011

Despicable Me

Aha! Bought the movie on Thursday and I haven't stopped watching it yet, it's brilliant! The comedy is amazing, and I adore those minions! I've already discovered a knitting pattern for one on Ravelry which shall be knitted, this week I guess. Though how many people noticed the wonderful knitted textures used?

Seriously, Gru's scarf, Edith's hat and jumper, all look wonderful, and I'm very tempted to try them out.

I also found a cute vintage style cabled tshirt pattern in the latest issue of KnitToday. That said I did buy a fantastic vintage knitting book on ebay, my guess is it's from the 40's seeing as it talks about spending coupons, definately the make-do-and-mend era. It's a shame that the book got so neglected though, as my guess it's been in a garage or attic, but for 99p you can't really grumble. I really think that women of that era looked so glamorous.

  • I have to finish the cabled bag I finished knitting before Christmas, it needs lining, I'm going to buy some nice ribbon to sew along the handle/strap of the bag.
  • Finish knitting the owl cushion, just the back to do.
It's time to start thinking about Fiance's Christmas sweater (must complete sooner!) so far I'm thinking a baseball top like sweater, I do think that would be fun, as he loves his baseball tops, but they arent exactly the warmest things around, especially if we have another Christmas like the last one! It don't want to continuously knit him stripey sweaters, and the bugger wont wear any intarsia or cables. Perhaps I should draw some up! I knitted his last sweater in Stylecraft DK, so I think I'll use it again as it's a very nice yarn.

And as I want to diminish my stash I think I'll knit some mittens, funky patterned mittens!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Update - February 2011

Oh dear lord I've barely knitted.
Not knitting is something I detest, and I realise the only reason that I'm having so many stressful days lately is because I haven't been able to knit! Uni work is getting in the way!

Ok, I haven't posted since before Christmas last year, which is a sin! So, Christmas was a pretty big deal for me last year, I mean it was the most fun I'd had in ages! Best Christmas ever! It was a big family Christmas with some big news. On Christmas Eve, whilst I was ordering pizza online, the Boyfriend thought it'd be the right time to get down on one knee and pop the question, of course I said yes! I knit him a jumper, he proposes, both expressions of love, of course. That would've been the best present ever, but he'd bought me a fair few knitty things! I love my Fiance!

Our photo on Christmas Day, he's in the jumper I knit him.

Actually, I got a fair few knitty things for Christmas, loads of buttons! Damn, I love buttons!

Fast forward a month!
Tbh not alot happened in January, I was ill, and then developed some neck problems, I knitted a jumper in 2 days (Sirdar Indie in Nevada, with 15mm needles) the sleeves are a little too long but ah well. I knitted a beret in my leftover Indie.

I've started knitting an owl cushion, I need to sew up the cabled bag I knitted before Christmas, and I've started knitting a teenie cabled jumper. I think it's fair to say I love cables.

Went to see Russell Howard at the NIA the other Friday, that was hysterical. Valentine's was a fun weekend, Fiance got me a teddy bear dressed up as one of my favourite wrestlers, Wade Barrett, so we named him Wade Bearrett (see what we did there?)

Seeing as I'll be doing a bit of sewing here and there, I think I'll add those to this blog too, perhaps the odd recipe, I made Fiance's birthday cake and it was rather delicious I must say.

I'm starting a fitness regime, some weights and cardio, you know the fun stuff, this may lead to some ametuer wrestling, but I'm not 100% sure about the latter.