Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hello All

I've created this blog for knitters. No longer just for grannies.

When I knit, I prefer to knit on 2needles only at the moment as I'm not used to circular or DPN's yet. At the moment I'm knitting a jumper for my boyfriend's Christmas present, but I find myself doing mini projects in the mean time.

Now about me, currently I'm at university studying Computer Game Design, and I've just passed my first year. I've always been intrigued by games, I'm just not a massive gamer, unless it's Pokemon, then I'm hooked at the beginning.

I have a gorgeous boyfriend, he's in a band, he also is a gamer, though more full on than I am! He currently works as a games tester.

When I knit, it's generally something cute, or from geek culture, unless I feel adventurous, then I may find myself knitting an article of clothing.

You can find me at where I generally post any artwork I create.

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