Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Yarn Files

I read letsKnit magazine, and unlike other magazines I find it fresh and young, with giggles thrown in. They have a section called the yarn files, so I thought I'd give it ago. Illustration by my dear boyfriend.

Name: Laura
Ravelry alias: perdi1309
WIP: A pair of socks.
UFO: A jumper for my boyfriend for xmas
FYS: Allsorts in Wednesbury, Wulfrun Wools and Crafts is Wolverhampton & ebay.
Favourite book: Currently 'Charmed Knits' by Allison Hansel or printed off patterns
Knitting heaven: Comfy chair whilst my bf is playing one of his games
Knitting hell: Having to undo over 20 rows because you forgot to shape armholes
Knitting hero: My mom (who taught me to knit) and my friend Gill (who taught me to purl)
Knitting ambition: To get this jumper done by Christmas
Least likely to knit: Something to be felted
Fantasy stash: My own little textile studio, where I can knit to my hearts content.
Knitting motto: (stolen from some witty so-n-so on cafepress) "Instant knitter, just add coffee"

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