Monday, 21 February 2011

Update - February 2011

Oh dear lord I've barely knitted.
Not knitting is something I detest, and I realise the only reason that I'm having so many stressful days lately is because I haven't been able to knit! Uni work is getting in the way!

Ok, I haven't posted since before Christmas last year, which is a sin! So, Christmas was a pretty big deal for me last year, I mean it was the most fun I'd had in ages! Best Christmas ever! It was a big family Christmas with some big news. On Christmas Eve, whilst I was ordering pizza online, the Boyfriend thought it'd be the right time to get down on one knee and pop the question, of course I said yes! I knit him a jumper, he proposes, both expressions of love, of course. That would've been the best present ever, but he'd bought me a fair few knitty things! I love my Fiance!

Our photo on Christmas Day, he's in the jumper I knit him.

Actually, I got a fair few knitty things for Christmas, loads of buttons! Damn, I love buttons!

Fast forward a month!
Tbh not alot happened in January, I was ill, and then developed some neck problems, I knitted a jumper in 2 days (Sirdar Indie in Nevada, with 15mm needles) the sleeves are a little too long but ah well. I knitted a beret in my leftover Indie.

I've started knitting an owl cushion, I need to sew up the cabled bag I knitted before Christmas, and I've started knitting a teenie cabled jumper. I think it's fair to say I love cables.

Went to see Russell Howard at the NIA the other Friday, that was hysterical. Valentine's was a fun weekend, Fiance got me a teddy bear dressed up as one of my favourite wrestlers, Wade Barrett, so we named him Wade Bearrett (see what we did there?)

Seeing as I'll be doing a bit of sewing here and there, I think I'll add those to this blog too, perhaps the odd recipe, I made Fiance's birthday cake and it was rather delicious I must say.

I'm starting a fitness regime, some weights and cardio, you know the fun stuff, this may lead to some ametuer wrestling, but I'm not 100% sure about the latter.

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