Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Given the long time in me not posting my projects on here, I am still knitting, and I've finished a big, a few medium and a few small projects.
So, here they are:

Nevada Hat

It's called the Nevada hat because that's the 'shade' of yarn it's knitted in. I used Sirdar Indie and a hat pattern that came with the yarn. I also knitted a huge jumper for myself (for those really cold days that'll be approaching) that is miles too big and the sleeves are really long, nice and warm though. The colour combinations are beautiful too, just look at that blue.

Cables and lace hat

This pattern came from an issue of Simply Knitting and is super nice to wear. The yarn is Robin Aran, i don't know the shade my nan gave it to me.

Pink Lace Scarf

This is going with something for my nan's Christmas present, as she expressed interest in it whilst I was knitting it. I cannot remember the yarn's name but (if I remember right) it's a Tivoli yarn, most likely one that is discontinued. I got the pattern for it from the back of a Simply Knitting issue, their 'Stitch Library' it was very nice to do and the yarn comes out beautifully. I knit it on 4.5mm needles.

Military Lace Scarf

This is going to be another Christmas present, and another scarf created from the Stitch Library section of Simply Knitting magazine. It's knitted in a Robin yarn, but I've forgottent he exact colour, but it is DK. It's a lovely shade of green.

So, now you're updated and I can ponder what to post next.

Until next time!

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