Sunday, 16 October 2011



Just thought I'd do a quick update, so here it is.

I'm working on a Goblin doll for my brother, I may have mentioned this before, I took a photo of it at a basic stage, but we have progressed since it was taken. I kind of felt like a mad scientist when sewing his leg onto his body.
My brother asked for him, and he's given me a nice looking design, though there are no patterns for goblins on the net! I'm serious, I spent a good couple of hours looking. So I'm adapting a pattern and making in up, so I may have to publish it myself.
So, here is a very basic Spikey Norman.

Also, my Mom bought me these super cute stitch markers for when I'm knitting socks! I love them, look how cute they are.

I'm working on the Mrs Christmas doll pattern by Alan Dart from the latest issue of Simply Knitting. She's looking great! It was the first time I'd done hair on a doll, or used a cardboard base.
I only need to knit the plate, pudding, thumbs and feet then embroider her face and she's done. Though I am wondering if I should do the boots because I like her with the long skirt.

Still knitting the mother in law project, and I might just start a pair of socks over Christmas.

But I have a scarf, hoodie and jumper to knit.

The jumper is from the Dalesmen book from Rowan, really intricate cables. The hoody will be quick because it's a chunky yarn/needle combo (hopefully) and the scarf is braided.

Well that's all for now, speak soon!

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