Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking ahead to the New Year

I have a few projects planned for the New Year, and I'm going to give myself a deadline for each one of the major ones.

First I shall the chunky hoody for Craig's birthday, which is at the start of February...I have 1 month in other words.

Then I shall have knitted the Dog jumper I have ready and planned for myself.

Once that has been completed I shall move onto a cabled jumper which has been chosen for my fiance's Christmas present. This sound's extreme but this pattern is knit on tiny needles, thus needs the majority of the Summer to complete.

In the meantime I shall be knitting smaller projects, like a wizard and the bee keeper's quilt.
I shall be giving a hexipuff count at the end of each new blog post.

I also intend on starting socks, given that I have ample supply of 4ply yarn now.

Current Hexipuff Count

Solid: 7
Striped: 15
Total: 22/384
Remaining: 362

Wish me luck.

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