Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Doctor Insano

Doctor Insano

Hello once again, I'm sorry for not posting lately, I have been throwing myself into really fun knitting projects lately, and those you can hear about on my podcast; knitzors.
Though one of the more exciting projects for me has to be the Doctor Insano doll, whom this post is named after.

For those who don't know, and I can hear you scratching your heads, Doctor Insano is a character created by Noah Antwiler aka The Spoony One, who features in his reviews.
Ever since watching Kickassia I've been a fan of Doctor Insano, I find him to be such a hilarious and brilliant character, which is why I decided to knit him.

I adapted a pattern by Alan Dart called Medical Mirracles which was in Simply Knitting 81, June 2011.
His scrubs were knit in King Cole Pricewise DK, but I can't remember the colour way, and everything else came out of my stash.
His goggles were made by knitting a strip of black and sewing it onto his face, shaping in the middle as it was sewn on. I painted silver swirls using some Barry M nail varnish onto glitter black buttons, which I trawled ebay.co.uk for.

I tweeted Spoony the above photo, and given that he re-tweeted it, I can safely assume that this doll is Spoony Approved.

This is the 3rd Alan Dart pattern I've knit and I really enjoy how easy they are to follow.

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