Thursday, 28 June 2012

Things I knit to

Given that I spend so much time knitting, I really have to fill in the empty voids. Now I've mentioned this before, but I love to watch wrestling.

Every week I look forward to watching Raw, and now it's been given a 3 hour time slot, that leaves me with 3 blissful, uninterrupted hours of knitting time whilst I cheer on my favourite guys, and boo my far-from-favourites, bloody hell I alliterated! Plus a few choice expletives here and there. Then there's Smackdown, NXT and Superstars to watch, so plenty there.

Commentary is always fun, and the storyline segments are really entertaining. Then there's the whole physical aspect, those moves are beautiful! I think they're far more enjoyable to watch than a gymnast.

Hey, I don't judge you guys for watching reality television, and it's the only sport I like.

Music's always a good one too, so I took a screenshot of my itunes player, to give you a general idea. I generally just stick on one of my playlists, depending on my mood.

I love to stick on a season [or two] of one of my favourite shows, Doctor Who is always good or Heroes or Sherlock or Supernatural,  I have to think whilst watching Lost, even though it's concluded so that's a no go for me.

Or a long movie, now I don't mean one that seems to drag, but a long one, or a series of movies, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman or the Marvel movies.

Last night I worked on my colour affection whilst watching Jane Eyre, oh Michael Fassbender, how I admire thee.

I'm ending this post now, less typing means more knitting, right?


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