Wednesday, 29 August 2012



I have castonitis! It's so bad. I know how I got it too; obligatory sweater knitting and on-going background projects. So, just so I know what I'm knitting I'm going to list them off and note their status.

In no particular order;
  • Denim rug - I've balled and yarned up as much denim as I have, so I'm going to knit another couple of rows and cast off, this will be panel one. In the future I shall knit other panels and sew then together, but for now the rug is the right size for between my bed and my wardrobe.
  • Craig's Cable Sweater - Front and back has been knit! Just the sleeves and the neckline to do now.
  • Brandon's Chocolate Orange - I finally cast this on Sunday night, I've added stripes to a plain rib jumper pattern. I'm doing 10 row stripes, which will make it easier for me to knit the front and back the same. I may have to purchase another ball of the brown as I'm using up stash and may not have enough leftover from Craig's first sweater. I'm working on the front at the moment, but I'm enjoying this knit more than others.
  • Gryffindor Socks - I have a HO, I'll cast on for the second once I've depleted some other projects, it's not a major project, just a pallet cleanser, but I would like them knit before I do the Harry Potter Studio Tour.
  • Bee Keepers Quilt - I thought I'd have this done by now, ah I was so naive when I started this. I get fed up of sewing them in, but I do have a bag full.
  • Test Knit for Elle - Done ribbing, need to work through the pattern, this is my between sweater project, I plan to take it with me for the weekend.
  • Feather & Fan Scarf - I only seem to work on this when I'm tired and forget how to count, meaning I have to rip back a ways. However I am near the end of the ball.
  • Wedding gift - I have until June 2013 to complete this, but I'm around 40% done.
  • Bedspread - It's heavy and I've barely knit enough to cover feet. Whatever possessed me to knit a bedspread out of DK weight yarn I'll never know. It does look fun though, who doesn't love stripes?
I think that's everything....

I don't know how much knitting I'll get done today as I'm having a tidy up/sort out which will allow me to see exactly what I have in my stash.
I just found a very small black and white tv in the back of my wardrobe, shows how long it's been since I last sorted this out.

I've decided to sell some things on ebay, I have a fair amount of costume jewellery that'll never get worn. It feels rather empowering to be so ruthless with my belongings.

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