Wednesday, 21 July 2010

CSI Socks

I bought a pattern 'Slip Step Socks' by Eleanor Doyle and adapted it for my own design! Rather risky I think, as it was my first pair of socks, but they've come out well! The only thing I kept from the initial pattern was the heel flap, as I liked that effect.

I adore this wool, it's Tivoli Drift DK shade 247. I've just found out it's discontinued too, booo hiss! It's 4 beautiful shades of green that just work together. On the first foot it came out stripey, but the 2nd sock became a splodge!

The reason they're called C.S.I socks, despite my obsession with the show, is that when I started these socks, I was playing C.S.I Hard Evidence.

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