Sunday, 25 July 2010

I Heart Winter

I've just been having a discussion with a friend of mine, he lives in Australia and it's winter over there and he doesn't like it at all, but I love it!

Even my taxi driver commented on how the nights are drawing in, and I can't help but feel glad. Summer's great, and seemingly everyone elses favourite season, but I'm definately a winter bunny. I guess winter is the best time of year for a knitter to feel the benefit of their hard, but enjoyable work. Though I've adored winter for years before I picked up needles.

Most people will know that here in the U.K we've had an amazing and uncommon amount of sunshine and heat this summer, an I have made the most of it, as long as I was heavily covered in factor 50, plus I'd spent too much money on new clothes, so I've had to wear them. A picnic in a park (sunscreen and sat under a tree), a day trip to Dudley Zoo & Castle, shopping trips, walking around, BBQ's (I've never eaten to much BBQ in my life in such a short space of time), but all of this, even just running errands, has left me tanned, which I cannot stand, I'd rather go for the 'pale and interesting look', though I'm happily not as dark as so many people that I know.

This all adds up to how much I love winter! There's no accidental tanning, there's no unstoppable sweating and I can snuggle up to my cuddly boyfriend without fear of over heating. Believe me, there's nothing worse than not being able to cuddle. There's the added bonus of layering, practical accessories, and knit wear to die for! Cute cabled hats and mittens with sequined snowflake motifs. Then there's snow. I love snow, I never get tired of it, not even earlier last year when we had it for weeks. Every time I stepped outside I got the childish glee of finding a crunchy part no-one else has stepped on. I even built a snowman with my boyfriend. I love the colours of the winter pallet. But, of course, winter means Christmas, which means decorating the tree, and that is my favourite part. Glittering baubles and twinkling lights, wrapped in a duvet watching a Christmas film (I have several on DVD) and drinking hot chocolate.

Nothing beats winter.

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