Thursday, 14 October 2010

Updates - Oct 2010

So the hubby's jumper is finally done! Just sewing up and weaving in then the collar! Huzzah!
Also I've been commisioned to knit a Slytherin scarf, that's in progress right now.

A little heads up for UK knitters. That lovely shop, The Works, generally have some great knitting books at really low prices, I've picked a good few up, it's luck of the draw though and they change from week to week, so it's worth a browse if you can't afford all the lovely ones in Waterstones.

I'm almost done Christmas shopping!

My knitting is being interrupted by uni (boo, silly games design!), one lunch I felt the need to head to the yarn shop in Wolverhampton, and as we'd been to lunch, my uni mate, Joe, came with me. He remarked " This is like the graveyard of sheep, all this wool", but the awfully quick witted lady who worked there said "Most of these balls have never seen a sheep". Joe got a very confused look on his face, so I explained that most of the yarn was acrylic, plastic. He was rather shocked but it didn't stop him pinching the yarn I'd bought later on and snuggling up to a ball of Sidar Snowflake Chunky!

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