Sunday, 15 May 2011

He Knows It.

This is going to be a 'column piece' that I'm starting to do from now on.

My fiance and I are passionate about our hobbies, though we don't have the same one. I may have mentioned it before, but he's a guitarist and plays in a band. He's been playing for longer than I've been a knitter, but we have the same level of passion for it. Due to this we often show each other videos, photos, things we would love to buy to do with this, it turns out we've learned each others hobbies without actually doing them.

When I met Craig I knew the basics of guitars (strings, knobbly bits that change the sound and you plug it into an amplifier) and pretty much from the start he's been teaching me, the first thing was the different parts of an amp, head cab thingy etc. It's been four years and thingy still applies to most parts. I now know of the differnt parts of a guitar, the different brands, how different strings effect the sound, the effects pedals, how an amp could change the sound of a guitar, all these things, yet it only occured to me yesterday, as I was knitting a teddy bear head, I held it up and asked him;
"what stitch is this?"

He stopped strumming his guitar, turns around and said;

"Erm, garter?"

In that moment I realised that he's learnt the terms, he knows the stitches, and can identify a DK when I'm looking for one in a specific colour. I guess that he's learnt when I've dragged him around the yarn shops, like I did when he dragged me around the guitar ones.

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