Sunday, 29 May 2011

Knitting and Harry Potter

I sometimes wonder where my love of knitting came from, but then I sat and I thought a while, and glanced down at my first tattoo: The Deathly Hallows symbol. It became abundantly clear. Of course I love knitting, the world of Harry Potter (which I practically grew up in) if bursting at the seams with knitting yummy-ness.

Very early into Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer if you're an American) you're introduced to Hagrid, who sits on the London Underground knitting something 'tent sized', what ever this knitted object became was never revealed, but there it is, knitting in the first 100 pages, granted the book is only 127 pages. Though Hagrid isn't the only character who has an affinity for knitting. It's established very early that the Weasley's are a poor family, and Mrs. Weasley knits her boys and Ginny a jumper every year. I sometimes wonder if they're monogrammed each time, also knitting for seven children must be no mean feat, at least she can use magic!

Eventually Hermione begins to kit for S.P.E.W and we learn that Dumbledore enjoys reading knitting patterns, and with that I presume that he knits himself, as he did wish for thick wooly socks once.

“No, I was merely reading the Muggle magazines,” said Dumbledore. “I do love knitting patterns…”

Though rarely seen knitting is even mentioned in the movies. Harry gets his Weasley jumper at Christmas, I noticed Luna wears a rather sweet crochet shrug in OotP. Fred & George tell people to "get back to your knitting." in GoF, which is a nice nod to Hermione's absent S.P.E.W knitting in the film.

And just think, how Harry Potter has inspired knitters. We knit the hats that are worn in the film, we choose our house colours. I've seen knitting patterns for Pygmy Puffs! That's how much fun knitting is.

I love knitting and I love the Harry Potter books, they go hand in hand. I'm also very sure that i wont be the only person to go to the cinema with something they've knitted which is Harry Potter related.

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