Monday, 6 June 2011

Round Up #2

Seeing as I've just got back from my holiday, (wonderful, thank you for asking) I thought I'd give an update to my knitting.
I didn't take any knitting with me but I did buy some lovely stylecraft 4ply whilst I was down there, booyah!

On the Needles

  • A pair of socks I'm designing myself, they're green & pink stripes, and so far they look wonderful. I'm experimenting with these as they're my first colour work sock, but also a different slip stitch pattern on the heel flap.
  • The Purple Cardigan, only the back piece to knit now.
  • Husband jumper, he changed his mind, I'm doing a different pattern now.
  • Star blanket, this is onle way to use up my DK oddments
  • Chell, I've become Portal obsessed and I'm knitting a doll of the protagonist.

So for now that's all, I think I'll write up the pattern for the sock once they're completed.


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