Monday, 16 January 2012

Round Up

First off I thought I'd do some advertising, well for myself, as I've started a podcast! First one can be listened to here and future podcasts will have some more structure!

On the needles

I'm still knitting hexipuffs, I have about 85 now. All pretty colours, need to clear a space to try putting some together, I have had the idea to do some 3D butterflies and flowers on them, with the aid of 75 birds, butterflies & beautiful beasties to knit & crochet (nix the crochet, can't do that yet) also the internet. I still have some lovely charts to work on some hexipuffs that I downloaded from Ravelry.

Took a trip to the cinema with my lovely fiance to see Sherlock Holmes (2): A Game of Shadows and what should he decide to adore? Dr. Watson's hand knit [by his wife] scarf, as you can see in the above image. So we took a trip to our local yarn store to find the colours, instead of the blue he's chosen a teal/green shade. I started using this blog for a guide, but found the pattern didn't quite work for my yarn so I'm making the stripes longer. Though the ribbing is lovely, really makes the fabric denser. I really do love stripe patterns.

Finally on the needles is the Saturday morning hoodie I'm knitting for my fiance's birthday present. I have the majority of the main body finished, now I just need to sew the raglan, attempt the hood and do the edgings... and decide if I should line it and if I should zipper it instead of sew on buttons.

I've also rediscovered an Alan Dart pattern in a back issue of Simply Knit, which is of a Doctor. Now if you're like me, you'll be a fan of and know the infamous character of Doctor Insano, now if you're like me you'll be making the obvious connection. I have a fun-fur yarn, which I bought for no apparent reason, I can use for the hair, so here I am creating another project for myself to do.


I'm not sure if you are aware, but here in Walsall it's bloody cold! The temperature is really dropping at the moment, so I'm glad I'm a knitter. I currently have my yet to be featured on this blog shawl wrapped around me and another undisclosed scarf around my neck as it hasn't been fringed yet.

So this is me signing off!

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