Thursday, 31 May 2012

Miss Elle's Rhapsody

I've done my first test knit! Yipee!

Anyone who listens to my podcast, which I haven't written up show-notes for even though the last episode was almost a month ago, they'll go up asap and perhaps a new episode, will know that I was doing a test knit even if I didn't really go into detail when I mentioned it.

The fabulous Miss Elle has designed another wonderful pair of socks and even allowed me to test knit them!

Well, I was amazed by how the pattern read and soon decided that my stash sock yarns just wouldn't do, so I bought my first Zauberball to knit these beauties with. I purchased the colour way Summer Meadow, mostly because it reminded me of Slytherin, which is Elle's House, obligatory "boo hiss" from a Gryffindor here.

I really enjoyed the lace pattern, and it was a first for me as I'd never followed a chart before, but it was so simple, and there's written instructions too if you prefer that way. The twists in the lace remind me of a serpent, so even more reason for me to think of these as Slytherin socks.

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