Monday, 22 October 2012

FO's, HO's & Updates

Since my last update I've knit a few things and worked on a few more. 

Before I write posts about them, here's a list of them (this will keep me organised too)

So first off, things I've finished:
  • German Market Hat for me
  • German Market Gloves for me
  • German Market Hat for Craig
  • Santa Hat for Craig
  • Wrist warmers for my Nan
  • Sgt. Zingy for Craig
  • Dice bag for Craig
  • Bauble
  • Mini sweater ornament (also my first top down sweater, ha!)
  • Feather & fan scarf
  • Plain beanie hat for charity
  • Cushion cover
  • Toy Owl
I haven't been idle, here's a list of things I've been working on:
  • Test knit for Elle
  • Sweater for Craig
  • Sweater for Bran
  • Mohair shawl
  • Blanket #1
  • Bee Keeper's Quilt
  • Wedding gift
Since being given a ball winder for my birthday I've been winding up my 'messy' balls of yarn, the ones without ball bands mostly. It makes organising them easier and they don't roll around when knitting. It's also fun.

I've bought festive fabric for sewing, as I want to pick it back up.

I've also been teaching Craig how to bake, which he's rather good at. He's been making cupcakes, and decorating them. He took some into the office and was really proud when they didn't believe he'd baked them. It's something fun we can do together. He already helps me cook meals, but this is something he's doing himself.

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