Monday, 12 November 2012

Weasley is our King

That's why Gryffindors all sing; "Weasley is our King!" 

So, I've decided to knit Ron Weasley's blanket, y'know seeing as I'm a sucker for any replicas from the Harry Potter films, even though they piss me off sometimes.

Anyway, so you're going to want the good stuff. The pattern is The Ron Weasley Blanket by Penguineer (Ravelry link).

I figure it's a good idea, seeing as I'm on a quest to knit up my acrylic stash oddments. I love this pattern for the detail it goes into. I mean, I can look through the squares and identify the yarn from other knitting projects in the films. Then there's the Hogwarts House colours, which I think is sweet. I can just picture Molly Weasley finishing one of the Christmas jumpers then knitting a square[s] with the leftovers.

Ugh, I love Molly Weasley.

So, my plan of attack:

I'm using 5mm needles and DK yarns, mostly Robin brand, seeing as when I started knitting I only bought the cheap yarns.

I have written a list of all the recurring colours and how many squares I'll need of them. I'm starting off with the solid block squares seeing as they're simple t.v knitting. I'll go on to the fun stripes last.

If I knit some that are next to each other, I sew them together. Simple. Seeing as sewing up is my least favourite part of knitting and this is the problem I seem to be having with my bee-keeper's quilt.

Single squares are good pallet cleansers too.

I've drawn up a little grid, and can cross off squares as I knit them, so I know which ones I have. I also seem to love cross referencing. Odd.

Other project updates: I have finally finished Craig's Christmas sweater and only have a sleeve left to knit on my nephews.  I've knit a stocking, just need to weave in ends and I've knitted 4 mini sweater ornaments, they're so cute! A bauble. Been working on some socks. Knit my first afterthought heel. Knit hats. Knit gloves.

That's all I can think of for now!

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