Thursday, 7 February 2013

Festive knitting, sadness and kindness

Note: I wrote this a while ago but never posted it for some unknown reason, though I thought I'd post it non the less to get it out into the world.

I have to begin this post, like so many others have, with a tribute to KnitPurlGurl. Karrie was a lovely lady and a pretty prominent figure in the online knitting community. Although I didn't know her as well as others did, I did enjoy our tweet exchanges. She had such a sunny personality that made watching her podcasts so enjoyable, so kind too, starting the RAP movement (Random Acts of Pattern) which has been continuing in her memory and it is wonderful to behold.

I received my first RAP last week from LittleRiaHen which was the Hitch-hiker, which got cast on as soon as I got it. It's brilliant, thank you again!
I've knit up my first skein but at the moment I'm too lazy focused on finishing other WIPs before the new year to wind up the 2nd skein. It's a really enjoyable knit too.

Hitch-hiker wip

This may actually be a picture heavy post, woohoo! Okay, titular subject, Festive knitting. The two sweaters I was knitting as gifts have been completed! I am very happy with how they look, I love them!

Craig's sweater is knit out of Hayfield Bonus Aran and is a size Large. Accomplishment achieved, he said he wouldn't wear cables until he was 30 (ha!) but now he buys them of his own accord. He looks very handsome in cables, I can't wait for him to wear this sweater.

Brandon's sweater is knit out of Stylecraft Life DK and is a size Small. I hope he likes this when he gets it, I mean teenagers are choosy, right? I know I was. He chose the orange shade when he saw it in my stash, but it had to be softened with the brown else he'd look like an Oompa Loompa [doobidy doo].

I've knit myself some more socks! These are also my first after thought heel socks, fit great so I'm proud. They're knit out of Regia World Color in Italy, though I bought it because it looks Christmassy. I don't think I'll ever be bothered by mismatched socks, I'd rather let the yarn do it's thing. 'Happy accidents' I used to call things like this at art college.

There are a few other things I've finished, but these are my favourites. So I'll leave you with Gort, the biggest monster I've knit so far. He's knit out of Robin Paintbox DK on 4mm double pointed needles.

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