Monday, 22 April 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013- Day One: The House Cup

After reading through the choices on Eskimimimakes (and donning my Gryffindor hat) I think it's fair to say I'm at home in House Bee.

There's always a new pattern I want to cast on, or a yarn I want to use, a look through my project bags and my Ravelry page can tell you that.

Hey, I haven't finished my Bee keeper's quilt yet, but I do a few hexipuffs here and there, it'll get done soon enough. I have a few scrap blankets on the go, one for sock yarn and two (or three) dk ones. A couple of lonely socks without partners, hanging out together. A teddy bear, a couple of shawls. They'll get finished when they get finished.

To be honest, life can be crappy, so if I feel like casting on something new I'm going to cast on something new.

I'm a bee.

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