Friday, 13 July 2012

Oooh I could regret this.

I've batted around the idea of a yarn diet much like my fitness plan last year, one whiff of pizza and it went out of the window, but now I'm deeper than balls deep, badum tch, in uhm, balls of yarn. I have so many one colour balls, I honestly thought that starting my bee keeper's quilt would help me solve this, but no. My stash busting efforts have been thwarted by self patterning yarns that would make great hexipuffs.

Then I started buying sweater's worth of yarn, which is great, but I haven't knit them yet and when I do I get oddments.

I have three 30L boxes full, two duvet bags and a whole box of yarn, mostly acrylic, what I'm going to do is, knit it up!

Oooh yes. Less buying, more knitting. This could be tough, just today I read about a new yarn, and it's cotton which I've never knit with and I think would make a nice summer jumper to keep off the chill. See my problem?

Yarn diet.

I want at least 60L knit, that shall free up a fair amount of room. Oh dear cupcakes I forgot about the 400g balls of aran in my wardrobe, see what I mean? That's why I need to do this.

I'm going to need a loophole here. I cannot buy yarn, but this doesn't mean I can't be bought yarn by someone else.

I'm sensing stripes, lots of stripes.

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